Apple Lawn Service is constantly looking for individuals that can fit within our teamwork concept that enables not only the company to grow and prosper but also the motivated individual. The landscaping profession is an ever changing and expanding service oriented business that only thrives when we employ individuals that are motivated and take exceptional pride in the work that they and their team members perform on a daily basis.

Apple Lawn Service operates year round with the needed man power mainly concentrated in the March to December time frame. Apple Lawn Service performs all the functions that any professional landscaping contractor offers in addition to snow removal services during the Winter months. Motivated employees normally work forty hours per week during the March through late November period with voluntary overtime being offered, paid at time and a half, during the extremely heavy workload periods of Mid-April through Mid-July of each year. Winter operations also has a heavy demand for employee hours however since the weather is unpredictable sometimes there is downtime during the winter months due to the lack of work.

Available Positions:

  • Labor Position

This is the entry level position at Apple Lawn Service for motivated individuals that wish to make landscaping their occupation. Job requirements include an ability to comprehend and acquire the basic landscaping techniques and skills that are needed to advance within the company. Every service that we offer will be taught each new laborer thus knowledge in the landscaping field is not required however it is recommended. Laborers will be trained in the proper usage and operation of all of the power equipment and hand tools that we possess. In addition as the individual demonstrates the maturity and skills needed to advance within the company more expensive equipment will be entrusted to the laborer on a daily basis up to and including the operation of trucks and heavy equipment.

  • Crew Leaders

This position at Apple Lawn Service is generally offered to any laborer that has demonstrated their dependability to perform their daily duties without requiring constant close supervision. This position requires the incumbent to be able to direct a crew of two or three laborers while following specific guidelines required by them from their immediate Supervisor. The individual must be able to give instructions to the other crew members while also being able to receive and complete orders and directives from their immediate Supervisor. Good daily attendance in this position is a must since they will be leading a crew on a daily basis.

  • Supervisors

This position at Apple Lawn Service is generally offered to the Crew Leader that has demonstrated their dependability, on a daily basis, to perform their duties within set guidelines established by the management team at Apple Lawn Service. This individual normally runs two independent crews while working within the crew structures on a daily basis to ensure that each customer is receiving the best possible service that they are purchasing from us. Supervisors report directly to the Operations manager on a daily basis to review and schedule all client work that has to be performed. They are then responsible for ensuring that all work is done on time and within budget.

  • Operations Manager

The Operations Manager at Apple Lawn Service is the senior-most position within Apple Lawn Service that still requires the hands-on knowledge of a landscaper. This individual reports directly to the President of the company while staying in close contact with the Supervisors and their crews. This position requires the incumbent to possess the extensive knowledge of a landscaper combined with the necessary business skills to operate a landscaping company from the inside out.

Apple Lawn Service Equipment & Client Profiles:

Apple Lawn Service possess all of the equipment needed to perform our services on a daily basis both during the landscaping season and the Winter operations months. We currently possess both Chevrolet and Dodge ¾, 1 & 3 Ton Pickups and Dumps that are equipped for both Landscaping and Winter Operations. No company vehicle is older than the 1994 model year. In addition we possess numerous Bobcat walk behind mowers (48") and the various powered hand tools needed for our profession.

Our client base consists of a mixture of Residential (namely in the Sewickley-Moon-Coraopolis-Wexford corridor ), Commercial, and Town house and Apartment complexes. Our client base has steadily increased over the past seven years with no letup in sight. We at Apple Lawn Service plan to continuously grow while acquiring both new clients and services that we offer.

Apple Lawn Service Compensation & Benefit Package:

  • Pay Scale

Apple Lawn Service offers one of the areas most competitive starting pay scales. Starting hourly rates are based upon experience, if any, and the individuals desire to move upward within the company. The hourly starting rate varies from year to year depending on local conditions.

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