Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I contact an Apple Lawn Service Representative?
  2. How much would a full-service Lawn Service charge?
  3. How do I pay for the Service?
  4. Do I have to be present when an Apple Lawn Service crew maintains my property?
  5. Will I know the crew members who maintain my property?
  6. What happens when it rains on the day my residence is scheduled for?

How do I contact an Apple Lawn Service Representative?

Apple Lawn Service Representatives can be contacted in the following ways:

  • By Phone: 412-741-1610 between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. EST
  • By E-Mail:

How much would a full-service Lawn Service charge?

When acquiring the service of a full-service professional landscaper you are not only purchasing the labor that is performed at your location but also the years of experience and knowledge that comes with a well trained team of lawn care specialists that have your best interests in mind.

Normally Apple Lawn Services prices are extremely competitive with other competent full-service lawn care companies. Occasionally there are slight fluctuations from one landscaper to the next but normally most well staffed and equipped landscapers charge the normal going rate for their services.

An Apple Lawn Service representative can give you a detailed breakdown on each and every type of service that we provide once you have requested it. Since each project varies from one homeowner to the next Apple Lawn Service does not offer a price quote without first surveying the location to determine the clients properties exact needs. After the initial inspection an Apple Lawn Service representative will promptly furnish you with the necessary information so that you can make an educated and well informed decision in regards to their choice in retaining a full-service landscaper.

However Apple Lawn Service, a year-round full-service landscaper, is never in direct competition with the " neighborhood kid ". Apple Lawn Service and the " kid down the block " are two entirely different aspects of the landscape business. At Apple Lawn Service our clients have benefited from our expertise year after year without having to worry if we will be back the following season. Unlike the neighborhood kid, who eventually moves and goes off to school elsewhere Apple Lawn Service will be available year-round year after year to satisfy your landscaping needs with the professionalism and experience that comes with each crew member.

Unfortunately the " neighborhood kid " prices sometimes beats our best offer. This is normally because the neighborhood kid doesn't have to pay for some of the necessary expenses that we at Apple Lawn Service do - namely workers compensation and liability insurance. We carry a $ 1,000,000.00 general liability coverage on each and every clients account. Can the neighborhood kid supply you with this extra piece of mind ? Lets face it - accidents do and can happen. Is it worth saving a few dollars on a weekly basis when you could be inviting a potential costly legal situation further down the road by utilizing a service that is not fully covered ? We at Apple Lawn Service have been providing our customers with a consistent accident free background since we started in the local area.

How do I pay for the Service?

Once a client is entered into our weekly schedule's rotation you will receive a monthly invoice for the services that you requested every thirty days. Prompt payment in full is requested. Apple Lawn Service only bills for services rendered and will never add any service item to a clients bill without first notifying the customer. During extended periods of high temperatures, namely the drought cycles that we have been experiencing over the past couple of Summers, if Apple Lawn Service does not have to maintain the property then we do not bill the customer.

For your convenience payments may be mailed to 5 Leet Street located in Sewickley. Clients are never requested to pay in cash nor do we bother the customer with weekly billings that normally create more confusion than its worth.

After a client has established a good payment history we can offer alternative payment schedules that can extend the entire years worth of service, from Spring and Fall cleanups to the weekly cuttings, over an extended period of time at no additional cost to the customer. This affords the customer to budget their lawn care expenses over time rather than being hit with a heavier billing cycle during the start and end of each of the seasons.

At the present time Apple Lawn Service is not offering our customers the option of paying by Credit or Debit cards. We apologize for this inconvenience however if the situation warrants a change in our policy we will reconsider our current position on this matter.

Do I have to be present when an Apple Lawn Service crew maintains my property?

No. However if you wish to consult with an Apple Lawn Service representative you may call the office at the beginning of the week and request that a service representative consult you on their next visit. You will then be informed exactly which day your property is scheduled for during that week, which normally depends on that weeks weather conditions, so that you can make arrangements to be there.

Will I know the crew members who maintain my property?

Each new client will have the opportunity to consult with a Supervisor at Apple Lawn Service. This Supervisor will then train each crew member pertaining to the exact perimeters surrounding your new account. After the Supervisor feels comfortable that each crew member knows the exact scope of work being performed at your site the Supervisor can, but not always, relinquish control of the property into the capable hands of an experienced on-site Foreman. This on-site Foreman will then be directly responsible for the weekly upkeep of the property with the Supervisor making frequent and numerous spot inspections to ensure that the high standards that have become our benchmark for service is being maintained.

In addition each client can contact our office at that convenience if they feel that they are not receiving the highest quality of service from any Apple Lawn Service crew. We will make every effort to accommodate each and every clients wishes pertaining to the service that they receive.

What happens when it rains on the day my residence is scheduled for?

One factor that we at Apple Lawn Service has no control over is the weather. Unfortunately it rains more during our busy season than not but that is something that we have grown to work around. Normally when rain delays our weekly cutting schedule we have to make hour by hour alterations to our work schedule to accommodate the work that must be performed. Clients weekly cuttings may be moved from day to day within a rain delaying week but we attempt to make sure that everyone is maintained sometime during the week.

After an extended period of rain days we normally attempt to place the client make into a normal weekly schedule so that no lawn goes without the proper maintenance needed to have a well tended lawn.

During rain day filled weeks the client may also inquire at any time how the weather is effecting our schedule. Normally our schedules only vary by a day or two however if this variation places either our work or prior plans that the customer has made, namely having the property unavailable due to a previously scheduled event, in conflict with one another notifying the office can alleviate any problems.