Apple Lawn Service provides numerous landscaping services, both residential and commercial, that encompass all four changing seasons in the Pittsburgh area.

Lawn Maintenance

A complete Year-round Lawn Maintenance Service staffed with professional and dedicated employees with services that include weekly and monthly lawn maintenance programs tailored to each customers individual needs which can consist of the cutting and trimming of the lawn area before the property is cleaned of debris before we departure.

Retaining Walls

The Designing and Installation of Segmented Retaining Wall Systems which include Keystone® and Unilock® wall systems.

Winter Operations

Our Winter Operations staff provides snow clearing operations for all of your Winter needs which includes the clearing and salting of walkways and sidewalks, driveways and parking lots for both Commercial and Residential customers. We can also provide salting and deicing operations 24 hours a day around the clock during the Winter months based on each clients needs.

Holiday Decorating Services

The installation and maintaining of exterior residential and commercial holiday decorating has become another service that Apple Lawn Service has added to it's service profile. Beginning in October of every year Apple Lawn Service starts the designing, planning and ordering of supplies needed to install and maintain your exterior holiday designs.

Vacation Services

Once your vacation plans are complete simply sign up for our Vacation Service and the staff at Apple Lawn Service will maintain your residence while you are away. The benefits of this program are numerous. Keeping your lawn well maintained during the duration of your vacation deters unwanted guests that see an easy target in an unattended house.

All Occasion Exterior Lighting

Apple Lawn Service has been providing some of our clients with all-occasion exterior lighting during the past few years.

Synthetic Turf

Apple Lawn Service also offers a sythetic turf installation. The benefits of which include easy maintenance, no mowing or clipping required, no muddy paws on pets or dead spots on the lawn, and it looks great all year round!