Exterior Lighting

Exterior Lighting

Apple Lawn Service has been providing some of our clients with all occasion exterior lighting during the past few years.

Lighting can be done on trees, shrubs, railings, and anywhere on the existing structure. Special occasions have included graduation events, weddings, family reunions, and assorted religious events.

The procedure is straightforward – contact an Apple Lawn Service representative for a free consultation. After a design and theme has been selected and pricing approved we will install your exterior lighting design according to your specific needs and timetable.

We work with caterers and other vendors so that our work meshes well with the setup thus leaving the client to concentrate on other pressing details. After the event is completed we will work within the pre-determined time schedule to remove and package the installation setup.

Since we purchase the lights for each customer’s special event we can either store the lights in one of our facilities for the clients future use or they can be properly labeled and returned to the customer for the customer’s usage.

Contact an Apple Lawn Service representative or submit an order request online for a free consultation.


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